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Mapinguari não tem "junta" e faz medo andando nu, gritando  pelas matas. Mapinguari  é todo cabeludo, tem só um olho no meio da testa. Ele grita muito. Dá cada grito horrible, quebra o pescoço e chupa o "tutano" das pessoas. Ele o protector da mata, se a pessoa maltratar a mata, ele pega, açoita e mete debaixo das raizes.

Mapinguari doesn't have joints, walks naked in the woods, shouting and scarying everyone. Mapinguari is completely hairy, he has just one eye in the middle of the forehead. He grunts a lot. Whilst horribly shouting, he breaks people's necks and chew their bones. He is the protector of the forest, and if  someone mistreats the forest, Mapinguari tears him apart and buries the remains under the roots.

Few places ignite the imagination like the Amazon. Just the name evokes images of dense rain forest, abundant life and indigenous tribes with their  mysterious culture surrounded by legends. That is the place where the seeds of the present collection were planted with an idea to present the marvellous character of the Brazilian Amazon, where the nature and reality have been mixed together with the imagination, cults, rituals and poetic inventions by the means of a spontaneous creativity of the myths and legends of its' inhabitants.

And in such a way, "Legends of the Forest", with all their vibrant vitality , magic and charm, deliver you a part of the tremendous folkloric legacy, depicting the customs, beliefs, stories and superstitions that make up the rich and beautiful Amazonian cultural history.

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